what is web designing and development ? Web design and web development are two closely connected professions that deal with the creation and upkeep of websites. While they are frequently used interchangeably, they refer to different stages of the website development process: 1. Web Designing: The visual and user experience features of a website are the emphasis of web design. Web designers are in charge of establishing a website’s overall appearance, feel, and layout. This includes things like: – **Layout and Structure:** Designers decide how various components on a webpage, such as headers, footers, navigation menus, and content sections, should be arranged. – **Typography:** Selecting suitable fonts, font sizes, and text formatting to enhance readability and visual appeal. – **Colour Scheme:** Choosing a color palette that complements the website’s branding and produces a visually appealing environment. Designing interactive elements, buttons, forms, and other user interface components to provide an intuitive and engaging user experience. Before developing a website, web designers frequently utilise design programmes such as Adobe Photoshop, Sketch, Figma, or Adobe XD to generate mockups and prototypes of its aesthetic appearance. Web Development: Web development is the technical implementation of a website’s design and functionality. Web developers use computer languages, databases, and frameworks to create and maintain the website. Web development is often divided into two categories: